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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Neil Rickert- Proud to be a Willfully Ignorant Ass

Neil needs to shut up or else everyone will know that he is an ignorant asshole without a clue. Neil's newest spewage proves he is ignorant and willfully so:
When can we expect to see the ID people stop their nonsense about “teach the controversy”, and instead start on that 50 year program of coming up with empirical support for their claims?
ID already has more empirical support for its claims than evolutionism has. Biological codes are empirical evidence for ID, Neil. All of our knowledge, which is based on observations and experiences, says that codes only come from intelligent agencies. No one has ever observed nature producing a code. No one even knows how to test such a claim.

That is just for starters, Neil. So clearly Neil Rickert is just a willfully ignorant ass and clearly he is proud of it.


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