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Friday, November 30, 2018

Alan Fox Humps a Straw Man

This clown never stops with his ignorant spewage. Now he says:
If ID proponents could demonstrate a capability in discerning a meaningful DNA sequence from a non-meaningful sequence, I’d be impressed.
That has nothing to do with anything ID claims. Meaningful DNA sequences are observed and as such require an explanation. Part of that explanation needs to deal with how they came to be. Your position doesn't have anything that explains it. So perhaps you should focus on that. If ID didn't exist you still wouldn't have anything to explain what we observe.

Alan goes on to say:
The mathematical approach so far has proved useless.
That's because there wasn't any such attempt that I am aware of. All attempts to measure the information in DNA or amino acid sequences used existing known meaningful sequences.

Undeterred Alan spews:
But to really impress me, how about reading DNA language?
There is an irreducible complex genetic compiler- a structure your position cannot account for- that does just that. All indications are it was intelligently designed. All indications are the genetic code was intelligently designed.

Then Alan shows his ignorance and agenda with his cowardly equivocation:
(Unless you synthesize the protein and test it for function – rather like evolution is supposed to).
What does that even mean? Your "evolution" can't produce the machinery and processes that synthesize proteins. You have to be given it all to start with.

Alan then puffs out his chest and proclaims:
Cargo cult science remains a valid charge till ID proponents get their hands dirty.
You ignorant ass. For starters you don't seem to know what science is if you think that your version of evolution has any. For another you seem to be too stupid to be able to assess any evidence. You and yours need to get your hands, dirty, dipshit.  You are lacking testable hypothesis and testable methodologies for the claims of your position.

You want to impress someone, Alan? Stop equivocating and cowering on sites that prevent responses to your bullshit ignorance and blatant lies. Put up the evidence and let's compare. Or shut the fuck up you ignorant coward.


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