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Thursday, October 05, 2017

More Ignorant Spewage from TSZ- Nested Hierarchies

EvoTARDs are so predictable but totally clueless. They actually think that Common Descent has to produce a nested hierarchy. Yet the Common Descent being discussed by evos would be expected to produce a smooth blending of characteristics which would destroy a nested hierarchy.

That's right, transitional forms, by their very nature, would blur all lines of distinction between groups. Even Darwin knew this. He called upon well timed extinctions to produce the distinct groups we now observe.

Read this bit of ignorance from TSZ:
So common descent is still the best scientific theory that actually explains the nested hiearchy. Thank you.
Only a willfully ignorant ass would say that and yet evoTARds say it all of the time. It's as if they are proud to be ignorant of nested hierarchies.

Again- Linnaean Taxonomy is the observed nested hierarchy when it comes to biology. And yet Linnaean Taxonomy doesn't have anything to do with Common Decent! It was based upon the idea of a Common Design which is entailed in Linne's (Linnaeus) "archetypes".  

Transitional forms, which evos claim there should be, argue against the claim that Common Descent produces a nested hierarchy. So why are evos so slow to grasp that simple fact?

Common Descent doesn't have a chance at explaining a nested hierarchy, unless one changes what a nested hierarchy is and what it entails.


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