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Friday, September 15, 2017

Alan Fox: Still Proudly Clueless

Alan Fox doesn't think there is a distinction between micro-evolution, ie variation within a population like skin and fur color, and macro-evolution, the evolution of new body plans requiring new body parts. Strange, that. Ala sez:
I’m not convinced that “macroevolution” is a useful term when discussing evolutionary processes. It suggests a different process to microevolution. Sure, when looking back one might refer to macroevolutionary change over a long period but the process is not different.
And yet there aren't any micro-evolutionary events that can be extrapolated into macro-evolution. And that is very telling. Anti-biotic resistance doesn't have a chance of producing macro-evolution. The change in moth color predominance doesn't explain the moth.

Loci that are obviously variable within natural populations do not seem to lie at the basis of many major adaptive changes, while those loci that seemingly do constitute the foundation of many if not most major adaptive changes are not variable.- John McDonald, “The Molecular Basis of Adaptation: A Critical Review of Relevant Ideas and Observation”, Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics: 14, 1983, p77-102 (bold added)
Different genes, Alan. That alone means the processes are different and that macro isn't just an accumulation of micro. I know that you want that to be the case but you don't have any evidence to support it. But then again I know that the lack of evidence has never stopped you from spewing your nonsense.


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