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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Larry Moran- Still Choking on Junk DNA

Larry Moran will tell you that 90% of our genome is junk. However when pressed it becomes clear his assessment is based on his ignorance and his belief in evolutionism. His belief in evolutionism has him looking for what he thinks are conserved regions of DNA as such conservation is allegedly a sign of function. Conserved here means alleged related populations also carry them.

If our genomes are 90% junk that would mean that histone octamers evolved by means of blind and mindless processes to spool up that junk and package it in a way such that the functional parts are accessible by the cells. Total bullshit, that. When this is brought to his attention he deals with it by deleting the post because Larry, in the end, is a willfully ignorant coward who cannot let the facts get in the way of his spewage.

The real truth here is that at least 90% of what Larry Moran posts is junk.

Thankfully Larry retired from teaching this year and perhaps now the University of Toronto will become a place of higher learning.


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