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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Global Temps Spike as Liberals Blow Hot Air and Steam

Just when you thought global warming alarmism couldn't get any worse it does. After the POTUS rightfully pulled the US out of the Paris Climate accord liberals exploded sending global temperatures soaring and causing ice shelves to split off. LoL!

Too funny that we can't even properly predict the weather from week to week but morons think we can predict the climate years from now. And yes climate is driven by the weather. The alleged temperature increases are driven by the weather. Those daily weather temps are what provide the alleged global temps, which are then averaged to get the alleged yearly global temps used to compare against historical records.

Not only that we see daily changes in temperature of up to 50 degrees F and yet alarmists are worried about a 1.5 degree F increase in over 100 years. You want to see climate change in real time? Move to New England where the climate changes weekly. We have had spring temps in the winter and winter temps in the spring and fall. This past May we had a heat wave and well below average temps too. And guess what? The CO2 remained constant or increased during that period.

Blaming CO2 for global warming is short-sighted and demonstrates ignorance. Calling CO2 a pollutant is just plain ignorant. By that logic water vapor is also a pollutant yet we don't see anyone going there even though water vapor overpowers CO2 when it comes to greenhouse gasses.


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