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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Allan Miller is Confused

Common Descent remains an untestable concept. OTOH Common Design is an observation- observed many times over in our designing world. Common Design is a real thing whereas Common Descent only exists in the minds of the true believers. They think that an alleged theory of change can be confirmed by similarities. Total nonsensical bullshit.

The problem is no one knows what to expect from Common Descent. Given recombination and illions of generations almost any genetic pattern is possible. That is not so with a Common Design.

With Common Descent you need to account for the anatomical and physiological DIFFERENCES observed and to date no one can. And if you can't do that then you do not have a testable concept. And if you don't have a testable concept then you don't have science. Allan Miller ignores that and prattles on as if he knows what Common Descent expects.

see Allan Miller's unsupportable diatribe

The Firebirds of today did NOT evolve from the Firebirds of yester-years via natural selection, drift nor any other blind and mindless process. It was all accomplished via intentional design. All cars share a common design not just the same cars from different years. All houses built to the same building code will also have some degree of similarity as do all PC clones.


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