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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Lenski's lab- Exposing the Limits of Evolution and Providing Baraminologists with Support

Yes, that is right, Lenski's long-running experiment with E. coli is piling up the evidence FOR baraminology. That is because in over 50,000 generations the bacteria are still bacteria and there aren't any new multi-protein complexes. Heck there aren't even any new proteins!

The best thing Lenski can report is that some bacteria have gained the ability to utilize citrate in an oxygen rich environment (they could already do so in an oxygen-free environment). The sad part for evos is they can't even demonstrate that the mutations that allowed for that are darwinian. That's because evos don't have a methodology for making such a determination. And that is because evos rely on bald declarations.

So yes, Lenski's experiment is proceeding just as baraminologists predicted.


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