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Monday, February 02, 2015

The Seatle Seahawk's Failure

So close to a repeat and enter another "shoulda, coulda, didn't" moment. I just want to talk about "the play" and how the Seahawks failed on multiple levels, starting with the coaches.

I do  not have an issue with the play call itself and Coach Pete explained it perfectly.

Where the coaches failed was in communication. They had to make it CLEAR that this next play was NOT their final play, meaning they didn't need to score. All they needed this play for was to set up the third down.

 If the play was open then obviously take it. If not then throw the ball high and out of the end zone, reset and have another go. That is what needed to be communicated to Wilson and the offense. Call the team over to the sideline and get that through. And failing that then the receivers have to make sure that no one can catch the ball, unless they are wearing a Seahawk uniform.

Player execution failed as Wilson threw the ball two feet off target- meaning to complete that pass Wilson would have had to have thrown it two feet to the right of his actual throw. Failing that Luckett's job was to just knock it down.

Lack of communication + lack of execution = coming in second

And all of that on the second play after a magical play that had "Seahawk Victory" written all over it and Patriot fans crying in their beer. (edited for clarity)


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