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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why Unguided Evolution Does NOT Explain Anything Beyond Disease and Deformities

This is another response to keiths' ignorant and lie-filled post Things That IDers Don’t Understand, Part 1 — Intelligent Design is not compatible with the evidence for common descent.

Notice that keiths never even attempts to model unguided evolution. That is because no one can which places unguided evolution outside the realm of science. That means it doesn't have any explanatory power beyond explaining disease and deformities.

The lack of a feasible model for unguided evolution proves that it doesn't have any explanatory power at all. This also means that keiths is a lowlife liar or completely ignorant of reality.

The funny part, in a sad way, is that keiths references Theobald's "29+ evidences for macroevolution" yet even Theobald says it does not support any mechanism! As I said, keiths is a lowlife without a clue.

keiths also posts another huge lie:

And because gradual common descent predicts a nested hierarchy of the kind we actually observe in nature

LoL! All knowledgeable evos I have encountered know that gradual evolution produces a smooth blending of defining characteristics which would ruin all attempts to create a nested hierarchy. Only an intelligent design could produce a nested hierarchy. Linnean taxonomy- ie the observed nested hierarchy, even by Theobald's article, is based on a Common Design and has absolutely nothing to do with unguided evolution nor Common Descent.

As I said keiths is a lowlife and obviously proud of it.


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