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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wesley R. Elsberry, Still Clueless wrt Genetic Algorithms

EvoTARDs just can't it it through their thick skulls that genetic algorithms are search heuristics designed to find a solution for a given problem. Contrast that with natural selection, drift and neutral substitutions, none of which are search heuristics.

Enter Wesley R. Elsberry, clueless evoTARD @large:

It's amazing how little Dembski has learned about evolutionary computation since I introduced the phrase "genetic algorithm" to him in 1997.
It appears that is all you know Wesley, the phrase.

Dembski goes on about Dawkins' "weasel", but I've never heard him address the example I challenged him with back in 1997, which was to explain how a genetic algorithm could find a close-to-optimal path for the Traveling Salesman Problem given that his stance was that functions and algorithms could not generate information.  
1- It was designed to do that
2- All the information and resources required for the algorithm to do that was programmed into the algorithm for that purpose.

Wow, that was easy and it makes it appear as if Wesley doesn't know anything about genetic algorithms.

Again, if you design a program to do something and it does it, then it did it by intelligent design. Period. And you have to be an absolute moron or someone on an agenda to obfuscate to not be able to grasp that simple fact.


Both Dembski and Meyer have said that the amount of information generated by algorithms will never be greater than the information required for them to produce that information. And in most cases the output will simpler than the input. That is it requires more information to get the solution than the solution gives back.


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