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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Intelligent Design- Still Supported by Science and Going Strong

Let's face it, materialism has proven to be a total failure. This also includes all materialistic concepts of the origin of life as well as its subsequent evolution. Yes, that's right, materialistic concepts of evolution have been a total failure also. That is because it cannot be modeled. Wm. Dembski, yes he's an ID advocate, tried to model materialistic evolution as a random search only to be told by evos that it isn't a search at all!

On the other hand Intelligent Design has expanded beyond biology and is evidenced in, for example, cosmology, physics and chemistry. Irreducible complexity has proven to be well beyond the reach of materialistic processes. Heck it seems that anything requiring more than two specific mutations is beyond the reach of materialistic processes unless one has an unrealistic unlimited population with short reproduction times.

Intelligent Design Evolution is exemplified by genetic and evolutionary algorithms. IOW it is a known and used commodity. No one uses materialistic evolution for anything. It is useless mainly because it cannot be modeled. And it cannot be modeled because no one knows how it works.

So if your hear someone say or write about ID being dead or that ID books/literature has been thoroughly refuted, you can be assured that the person/ people writing and saying such things are totally ignorant or just pathological liars. Seriously just ask them for the evidence for natural selection actually producing something and see what happens. The only way natural selection does anything of note is via bald declarations and that is just a fact.


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