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Sunday, August 24, 2014

EvoTARD Wisdom- The "Sensuous Curmudgeon, Blissfully Ignorant of Biology

Just checking around to see what the anti-ID morons are spouting off about and I found the sensuous curmudgeon who is always full of shit. It sed:

Actually, Tom, yes — DNA can organize itself. It does so every time it replicates. 

BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- what an ignorant asswipe. DNA doesn't organize itself. DNA gets replicated as part of the cell replication process and is organized via many proteins working in conjunction to make it happen.

The sadest part is it was responding to this:

Isn’t DNA information? Where did the information come from? Can information invent itself?
And it's response didn't even address that. Pathetic. It's position can't even account for the existence of DNA. Strange how it avoids that reality.

Now I understand why the sensuous curmudgeon doesn't want to debate people who disagree with it.


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