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Monday, May 12, 2014

Kevin R. McCarthy is a Retarded Liar

Kevin has been trying to review Steve Meyer's "Darwin's Doubt". However, like a child he appears to read a sentence and then respond to it, making it a slow effort. Not only that he has totally fucked up just about everything he has read. Now he is throwing hiisy fits because. like a child, he is unable to grasp science and unable to understand what Meyer said, even though he quotes him. For example Meyer wrote:

Sometimes similarity appears between species where it cannot be explained by inheritance from a common ancestor (e.g., the similar forelimbs on moles and mole crickets) and, at the very least, there are other possible explanations for sequence similarity.
Got that? Similarity NOT DUE TO A COMMON ANCESTOR.

So what does Kevin the retard say about it:

I have to repeat this. No one, except for creationists whose goal is to confuse rather than educate, thinks that the shovel-like shapes of mole and mole cricket forelimbs are due to common ancestry.
What a dumbass. Meyer's point was about similarities not due common ancestry. Kevin, being an ignorant asshole on an agenda- to confuse rather than educate- is too stupid to grasp that point.

Then Meyer also says that a common design can also explain similarities. Kevin exposes his scientific illiteracy asking about the designer and such, not realizing that with science all of that comes after design has beeen detected. He also sez that no one has produced positive evidence for ID, which is a lie. The problem is Kevin doesn't know what evidence is nor how to assess it if he did know.

But anyway Meyer makes the point that there are other known causes of similarity, Kevin ends up agreeing with him, but somehow Meyer is stupid and wrong.


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