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Monday, May 12, 2014

Darwinian Evolution on a Chip?

EvoTARDs are so clueless that they just go by whatever is in the title of a paper without any regards to the content. Case in point Darwinian Evolution on a Chip. The title is just right for evoTARDs, however the content demonstrates that Darwinian evolution wasn't present.

For one RNAs do not reproduce. The RNAs in question were reproduced artificially. That is not Darwinian.

The final evolved enzyme contained a set of 11 mutations that conferred a 90-fold improvement in substrate utilization, coinciding with the applied selective pressure.
Wait, Darwinian evolution isn't like that- it doesn't respond to the environment.

So yes, change did happen but was it Darwinian? And why does all change have to be Darwinian evolution? Why are biologists so full of Darwin that they can't understand that there can be evolution without Darwin/ neo-darwinism?

It's as if these guys have bought the strawman of the fixity of species, including RNAs.

And in the end the RNA ligase was still an RNA ligase, albeit an improved RNA ligase wrt that artificial environment.


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