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Thursday, May 08, 2014

CO2 and Global Warming

Yes CO2 is a greenhouse gas. However wrt the Earth CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere are measured in parts per MILLION. And there isn't any evidence that demonstrates the Earth is so sensitive to CO2 that increases in parts per MILLION can change the climate.

I doubt anyone can demonstrate that a 100 ppm increase can add more than 0.1 degree F to the global temperature if all else stays equal (which we know it does not). There are just too many factors wrt weather and climate to say one of those factors is the key (well the Sun would be one factor that could be the key).

Look, before 1880 the Earth was cold. Not cold enough for an ice age but cold enough that normally unfrozen rivers, froze. The American Revolution was fought in such a colder clime. It wasn't a nice place to live in.

Now the Earth is recovering from that and it is less than 2 degrees F warmer now than it was in 1880- well it all depends on where you are because the warming is really a regional thing. What does that mean? Well last year the contintental US was colder than usual while the East (Europe and Asia) was warmer than usual. Global warming allegedly did that. But most likely it was just changing weather patterns that did it. "Yeah but the changing weather pattern is due to global warming"- possibly but it still produces regional warming, not global.

If CO2 concentrations were as powerful as the alarmists say then global temperatures should be climbing every year and we should never have a year coldeer than the one before it. Yet that is exactly what we have- CO2 continues to rise but the global temp does not-> it still fluctuates, sometimes knocking off half of the alleged warming in one year!

CO2, measured in parts per million is not the issue. Real pollution is.


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