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Friday, April 18, 2014

Larry Moran- The Idiot Who Refuses to Get It

Do you know what is very disappointing about Larry Moran? That he rails against us for not understanding that random genetic drift is the major mechanism for evolutionary change. That is one of his reasons for calling us IDiots.
 He says that we only care about natural selection which is a very minor player. Yet the reason why we don’t seem to care about drift is because it is NOT a proposed designer mimic. No one says that genetic drift constructed a bacterial flagellum.
 IOW saying that drift is the major mechanism supports our claim that unguided evolution doesn’t have the capability to be a designer mimic. To Darwin, random genetic drift would have been one mechanism for spreading the variations but not for cultivating them and forging them into something useful.
Is random genetic drift a proposed mechanism for producing adaptations? No. Is random genetic drift a proposed designer mimic? No.

Is Larry an idiot for railing at us for ignoring random genetic drift in the context of the debate? Yes.


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