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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Joe Felsenstein- Proudly Ignorant of Intelligent Design

Joe Felsenstein, please stick to population genetics as it is obvious you know very little beyond that. And wrt Intelligent Design you are an ignoramus. Joe spews:

Note that irreducible complexity is not connected with CSI.
 In "No Free Lunch "William Dembski said:

I submit that what they have in mind is specified complexity, or what equivalently we have been calling in this chapter complex specified information or CSI. p148

The connection between these two forms of complexity could thus be established by showing that irreducible complexity is a special case of specified complexity. P289
Oops that means irreducible complexity is connected with CSI. 
Earlier in that thread Joe spewed more bullshit:
Dembski in 2005 made it clear(er) that you only compute CSI after you have ruled out all possible natural processes, including natural selection.

Wrong again- noticeably Joe didn't provide any quotes.

Joe also references his article tat allegedly refutes Dembski. However the article just proves that Joe Felsenstein is an ignoramus wrt ID. 


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