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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dr Behe and the evolution of the immune system

Piece of shit Kevin R. McCarthy is all in a tither about Dr Behe's testimony during the Ktzmiller trial (2005). Specifically Kevin is bothered by Dr Behe's testimony wrt the ACLU's literture bluff pertaining to some 58 books and papers on the evolution of the immune system. See Kevin's bullshit here

Earth to dumbass McCarthy- it was a literature bluff as not one of those 58 books and papers demonstrated that natural selection could cretae an immune system. You are a fucking gullible piece of shit ignorant loser.

Also Kevin, your position cannot explain HOX genes so you cannot use them to explain body plans. Heck your position can't explain single-celled eukaryotes let alone metazoans.

If your position is all about evidence and hypothesis testing, as you claim Kevin, then it is strange that all of your blogs are totally lacking in evidence and hypothesis testing and are full of lies and bullshit.


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