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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kevin ReTARD McCarthy- Moron at large

Kevin is trying to review "Darwin's doubt" by SC Meyer. Yet he is having trouble with the prologue- he sez:

Our story opens with a brief mention of Watson and Crick who “first illuminated the chemical structure and information bearing properties of DNA”. And right there, on page one, we have a problem. Now, I freely admit that I am hyper sensitive to this book and may be biased.
So, with that being said, I’ll point out that Watson and Crick did not “illuminate” the structure of DNA. That work was actually done by Rosalind Franklin. She was the one who actually created the images (via X-Ray diffraction) that Watson and Crick used to formulate the hypothesis about the structure of DNA.

LoL! Kevin, you moron. Franklin took the image but she had no idea what she was looking at! It was Watson and Crick who came up with the double-helix, not Franklin. She had plenty of opportunity to do so but she FAILED. Franklin said there wasn't any evidence that DNA formed a helix.

He goes on to spew:
While the nucleotide pairing structure of DNA was developed in the 50s (as stated by Meyer), the actual knowledge of how DNA transfer information to ribozomes (via nucleic acid triples) wasn’t discovered until the 60s.
Meyer did NOT give a date for that. You are tilting at windmills because you are a moron.
My problem isn’t so much that Meyer got it wrong, most people get it wrong. Almost no one outside of molecular biology circles knows about Rosalind Franklin. But Meyer should know about her. To me, this continues the shoddy research that Meyer had major problems with in Signature in the Cell.
Rosiland Franklin is discussed in "Signature in the Cell". Kevin the moron would have known that had he actually read the book.

Kevin then goes on to talk about evo-devo yet he doesn't realize that his position cannot explain how genetic switches and controllers came to be in the first place! And then he slings his usual false accuations saying that IDists do not know about evo-devo.

Kevin is just a clueless fuck, proudly spewing his ignorance for the ignorant evo minions.


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