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Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Explosions

Wow. Just wow. I took my family to that event last year. We didn't go this year just because, ie no reason. We had planned to walk around China-town this year. Last year we hit the North End. Our hearts go out to all the victims.

The explosions look(ed) and sound(ed) like black powder/ gun powder. Too much smoke for high explosives. Also I didn't see any windows shattered, and shattering effect (brisance) is how high explosives are measured. True, if you have enough low explosive, such as gun powder, you can shatter windows just by the amount of air you are moving- suck it in and push it out very, very rapidly. Low explosives burn, hence all of the smoke. They have to be confined to explode, whereas RDX is good to go (with a detonator). It's the buildup of gases that causes the explosion wrt low explosives.

It could have been some other type of fuel-air device, but I doubt it was TNT, dynamite, RDX, semtec, C4, PETN nor even ammonium nitrate. I could be wrong because all I have to go by is the TV footage, but with high explsoives (above amno3 and dynamite) it is always a crack then the boom.

The charges that send up the big fireworks could do something like what I saw in Boston.

Now the chase is on. Cowards always get the first hit. But they never get the last.


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