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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weaknesses of Evolutionism- Part 1- The Origin of Life

Kevin ReTARD McCarthy has a series of blog posts in which he attempts to refute some website that has a list of weaknesses of evolutionism. The first post is here., the origin of life.

Evos love to say that the origin of life is separate from its subsequebnt evolution. However that is totally false. You cannot have an evolution of life unless you have life and how life evolved is directly linked to how it arose in the first place.

For example if living organisms arose by design then the inference would be that they were designed to evolve and evolved by design. It is only if living organisms arose via blind and undirected chemical processes that we would say that evolution occurs via blind and undirected chemical processes. IOW just as Richard Dawkins said, if living organisms were designed then we would be looking at a totally different type of biology. And IDists add that that biology would be information based.

Kevin then talks of hemoglobin. Unfortunately for him his position doesn't have anything to say about its origin nor its subsequent evolution. There is no way to test his position's claim that accumulations of genetic accidents produced it and al of its alleged variants.

Kevin then talks about Lenski. However I have exposed his ignorance wrt Lenski already.

So the origin of life is a huge weakness for evolutionism- as is the origin of the laws of physics and their constants.

But anyway it is hilarious to watch evos flail away at the origin of life and insist it has nothing to do with life's subsequent evolution.


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