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Friday, February 22, 2013

Overselling Lenski

EvoTARDs are so clueless it is pathetic. Kevin ReTARD McCarthy is still sounding the horn for Lenski's E. coli. The moron doesn't understand what happened, even though it has been explained to him several times now.

For those who do not know Lenski, at MSU, has an ongoing experiment with E. coli- 50,000+ generations.

In all of those generations one plate produced E. coli that could get to and use citrate in the presence of oxygen-> E. coli have the ability to use citrate, if available, under anaerobic- ie the lack of oxygen- conditions.

Got that? All that happened was the gene for the citrate transport protein, which its promoter is under control of oxygen, was duplicated such that the second copy is now under the control of another promoter which is ON in the presence of oxygen, ie not controlled by the presence of oxygen.

No new proteins and no new functions. We have the same protein doing the same function, just in a different scenario.

The point is that Kevin seems to be totally ignorant of all of that- meaning he didn't know that E. coli could utilize citrate under anaerobic conditions. And he seems to think, without support, that the mutations that brought about the change were random.

But then again Kevin thinks that natural selection actually selects.

So, no new proteins and no new functions- and taht is supposed to be great evidence for blind watchmaker evolution?


You can read Kevin's ignorant spewage here


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