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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ERVs- Why They Are NOT Evidence for Common Ancestry

Evos don't have any evidence to support the transformations required by their position so they rely solely on circumstantial evidence to make their case. Unfortunately for them that circumstantial evidence can be used to support alternative scenarios or, in some cases, not even support the evoos' claims.

ERVs are such evidence that does not fit their claims despite all of their yelling and screaming to the contrary. ERV stands for endogenous retrovirus.

The claim is a virus infects an organism and gets into its gametes. The gamete is not dameged enough to make it non-viable and it is able to reproduce. The offspring that gets the ERV can then pass it on to its offspring and then it can spread an become fixed in the population- meaning all organisms in that population would have it. Never mind all of the luck that goes into having something that is not an advantage becoming fixed- meaning it ain't science.

But anyway, what we find today are NOT complete and intact ERVs. We find remnants of what we think were ERVs, ie they "look like" ERVs.

Also, it appears that ERVs have preferred integration sites, which means similar organisms can be infected at a similar locus without any common ancestry connection.

So it remains that until evos can actually come up with some evidence that supoorts the transformations required, universal common ancestry is untestable and not science.

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