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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Most Prevalent Misconception About Evolution

With evolution there are two parts to consider:

1- Evolution, the thing. As in the change in allele frequencies over time within a population; natural selection; genetic drift; descent with modification

2- Evolution, the theory-> that which attempts to explain evolution, the thing
In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.
Evolutionists equivocate by using the facts of evolution, ie observed changes, to support their claims of unguided, ie blind watchmaker, evolution.

However unguided evolution doesn't have any laws, and as for tested hypotheses, it can't even muster a testable hypothesis. Not only that the facts say it can't do what evolutionists need it to do.

So perhaps the most prevalent misconception about evolution is that unguided evolution is a theory. To call it a theory is to do a terrible disservice to science and all theories that actually fit the definition.

OTOH Intelligent Design Evolution is used by tens of thousands of scientists and hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. Intelligent Design Evolutionary theory is used to develop new products (much more quickly and with better specifications than human engineers). The theory is used to build better production schedules, produce better medicines, predict patterns in everything from fishing to farming.

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