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Friday, November 02, 2012

Portable Generators

Another big storm has come and gone and again there are many people without power. That has happened to me- ONCE. The first day was spent cleaning up just so I could get out. The next morning I was up early, went to the closest Home Depot and picked up a 5500 watt portable generator. The day after that we had power back- the beauty of a municipal light plant.

When Sandy was coming I made sure it fired up, filled it up with gas and had gas in reserve. I had already wired it into my electric panel. All I have to do is flip two breakers, fire up the generator and plug it in. True, with only 5500 watts I can not run everything in my house. But I can run my boiler, two pellet stoves, my refrigerator, my computer, my lights and TV- we cook with gas.

Got that people? Get a generator.

And if you live near the coast or river, build a sea wall around your property. You know, do things to actually protect your investment.

Just sayin'...


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