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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kevin R. McCarthy- Still Spewing His Ignorance, and Proud of it

Kevin is at it again. This time he expsoes his ignorance about Creationism and Gene Duplication.

Kevin spews:
For a long time, creationists have insisted that evolution can’t add information to a genome. 
That is incorrect. Creationists have said that blind and undirected chemical processes cannot increase the biological information in an organism. And just copying something does not increase the information. Two copies of the same dictionary does not double the information.

So then Kevin lies:
 In general, they never defined (and stuck with said definition) information.
All one has to do is read Gitt's "In the Beginning- Information" to prove Kevin is a liar. So he makes up another lie:
But, creationists have long been asked “what about duplication?”. To which the creationists have replied, “there’s no evidence”. 
Once again Kevin does not cite the source of his spewage, which should tell you something.

I have a book titled "Not By Chance", by Dr Lee Spetner, a Creationist. It was released in 1997. In it he discusses gene duplication.

Dr Spetner explains that there isn't any justification in calling gene duplication a blind and undirected process. IOW just as I have been telling Kevin for years, and he ignores, both Creation AND ID are OK with evolution. Creationists and IDists say it dioesn't happen by chance.

Kevin sez:
Well, in the case of this lab experiment, the end result was that evolution not only produced genes that were good at producing histidine and tryptophan, it also resulted in bacterial species with multiple genes.
What kind of "evolution" produced them Kevin? Do you have any evidence that unguided evolution didit? No.

So what we have is Kevin's willful ignorance on display, again, as usual. And he really thinks his willful ignorance means something.


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