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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Kevin R. McCarthy- Still Choking on Global Warming

Kevin has a recent post titled Global warming a primer. In the comments Kevin sez:

The best way is to say that global warming (climate change) predicts more extremes of weather rather than just hotter temperatures. Massive droughts in the central plains, massive snow in the NE. More, larger storms. Things like that.

What a dumbass. Let's see the great dust bowl was brought about by a years-long drought in the central plains, ie a MASSIVE drought. That was in the 1930s, Kevin.

Massive snow in the NE? The blizzard of 1978.

More, larger storms? Well we have not seen that either.

IOW Kevin, climate change does not predict the things you say and it shows.

Kevin sez:

 Daily weather is affect by lots of things, but when you start averaging out the temps over the entire Earth for a hundred years, you start to see the warming.
Kevin, some time after 1850 is about the time when the little ice age ended. That means we would expect the Earth to start warming after that. And THAT puts the time-frame right in your window. 

A warm Earth is a GOOD thing, people. And we can end droughts via engineering.

Chicken-little alarmists, like Kevin, are just totally clueless...


  • At 2:31 AM, Blogger Rich Hughes said…

    Internet Idiot: "
    More, larger storms? Well we have not seen that either."


    Enjoy the election, Fatty?

  • At 7:15 AM, Blogger Joe G said…

    Stupid faggot Richie links to something but is too stupid to explain nor understand it.



    So no, we are NOT getting more, larger storms.

    Ya see Richie dumbass, the number of catastrophies does not "more, larger storms", just that storms are causing more damage- and that is because of us, not the storms.

  • At 7:18 AM, Blogger Joe G said…

    And yes, I enjoyed the election as I really enjoy people expressing their fucking ignorance.

    Heck we are stupid enough to elect someone as President who has no experience and absolutely no qualifications. So he makes a bad situation worse and we elect him again.

    Fucking brilliant. At least he can't run again. That is the only good thing that came out of the election.

  • At 7:22 AM, Blogger Joe G said…

    Global Warming May Decrease Hurricanes, Research Suggests:

    While climate modelers claimed global warming might strengthen storms, actual hurricanologists were adamant that no actual evidence existed. Some pointed to research on wind shear, which suggested that a warmer climate would reduce the conditions that allow hurricanes to form, despite warmer surface water.

    In 2005, one hurricanologist, Emmanuel Kerry, broke ranks and claimed to have actual proof that global warming increased hurricanes. For this, Time Magazine quickly named him "Man of the Year". However, last year Kerry publicly recanted his view, admitting that his earlier work was flawed.



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