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Thursday, November 08, 2012

How I Would Change the Presidential Election Process

Another Presidential election has come and gone. This time I couldn't help but notice that President Obama won the electoral college vote by a landslide and the popular vote by a small margin. Other elections we have seen Presidents win the electoral college and lose the popular vote.

I do NOT want to get rid of the electoral college- I understand the value in the United STATES. I also understand the value of "WE THE PEOPLE" and "every vote counts". However some people feel ripped off because they are the minority party in their State and, given the current system, nothing short of a miracle will get their State to vote for their candidate. This is where my solution comes in.

No longer should we have a "winner take all" with respect to any State's delegates. The new system will have State delegates split depending on the popular vote of that State. Any fractions get rounded up in favor of the popular vote winner. The minimum % to get a delegate would be 15%. Meaning if you don't get 15% then you don't get anything.

I think this will get the two voting institutions more in line with each other, meaning the electoral college vote will better reflect the popular vote.


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