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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cowardly Kevin R. McCarthy, STILL Lying Like a Little Bitch

Yup I have once again exposed Kevin's lies and ignorance and he bans me for that. In his post Lenski’s Lab: The Gift that Keeps on Giving, Kevin lies:
One reason that it is so stunning is that is completely blows an entire massive chunk of the Intelligent Design argument into the trash bin. The IDists (I’m to polite to use IDiot here), keep saying that the changes that Lenski’s group describes can’t happen. Evolution can’t develop multiple mutations that don’t do anything, but eventually turn into something useful. Evolution can’t develop an entirely new multiple protein pathway. Evolution can’t… can’t… can’t…
Except Intelligent Design NEVER says that. This experiment doesn't even reute YEC's baraminology, nevermind anything ID claims. And ID NEVER says "evolution can't do something" as ID is an argument against the blind watchmaker only.

But that isn't all. Kevin also proved he does not understand natural selection. And Richie Hughes chimed in to say that there is selection taking place- even though evolutionary biologists say otherwise.

OK so Kevin never suppoorts any of his claims. No big deal he never does. So what does he do? Turn the onus on me. So what do I do? Support my claims about ID and watch him choke.

Kevin asks me how to measure information. So I tell him. He chokes. Kevin asks me to see if an organism has CSI. I show him. He chokes and bans me. He sez I won't support ID in the same thread that I support ID. That more than proves that Kevin is a clueless coward. But then again we have known that for years.


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