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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ground Control to Toronto

More clueless evoTARDs. This time we have Toronto who wanted to know if the designer had the ability to design. I told him we know the capabilites of the designers we didn't directly observe by what they left behind.

For example we know someone had the ability to build Stonehenge because we have Stonehenge. If we didn't have Stonehenge then no one could say whether or not humans from 4,000 years ago could build such a structure. And if we didn't have the Antikythera mechanism we couldn't say that someone from 2,000+ years ago had the ability to make one.

We find out about the designers we cannot/ did not observe by studying what they left behind. That is how it is done in science, Toronto. Just because you are clueless wrt everything doesn't mean it's all wrong.


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