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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

dr who's Abductive "Reasoning"

Just when you thought evoTARDS couldn't be any dumber, I give you dr who, again:

Let’s do abductive reasoning.

Life is a chemical phenomenon.

Nope that is a faulty starting premise as there isn't any evidence tat life is only a chemical phenomenon. If you had that evidence then ID would be a non-starter, dumbass.

And BTW dr dumbass, Christians are OK with humans authoring, ie being the writer of, the Bible. IOW you are just a dumbass to your rotten little core.


dr dumbass responds:

I’ll take that to mean that Joe suspects that my reasoning to the best explanation would be correct on condition that there’s nothing other than chemicals in the basic physical composition of life. Otherwise, he’d have thought of a better objection.

I don't need a better objection because that one alone shoots down your "reasoning".

The evidence, Joe, is that’s all we observe when we actually physically examine life.

Maybe that is all you and your materialist minions observe but tayht doesn't mean anything.

Ya see, moron, the translation of nucleotides into proteins is not a chemical reaction and cannot be described by chemical reactions. You are either dishonest, a known, or ignorant, also known.

Being a chemical phenomenon doesn’t mean that it can’t have emergent properties, which it certainly does have.

When you have a method to test your claim please let us know. Unil then it is obvious that you are full of shit.

And to finish off hos stupidity we get:
As for the Christians, I’m glad to hear it, and delighted that they’ve all appointed Joe as their spokesperson.

No one appointed me as any spokeman. However anyone can look it up to see that they think Moses was the author of the first books.


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