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Friday, April 13, 2012

RichTARD Hughes- As Clueless as Ever

LoL! RichTARD really thinks that something's age is directly linked to whether or not is was designed!

Richie sez:
Joe if you can’t give a date range for the age of the universe, you’ve got no business opining on if you think it’s designed.

Only a little faggot moron would say such a thing and here is Richie.

How does that even follow? Is Richie trying to say that no one could say Stonehenge was designed before they figured out how old it is? LoL!

RichTARD, thank you for continuing to prove that you are nothing but a mental midget.


  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger Rich Hughes said…

    Oh dear Joe. AOU > UPB > EF > DI.



    As Joe is selectively misremembering / misrepresenting I'm going to do a quick synopsis of what happened:

    1. Joe was opining about our 'privileged' planet
    2. Many pointed out that we're not that privileged' and that better locations for discovery could easily exist
    3. Joe then claimed even if that's so we're only slightly less privileged (!) for scientific discovery.
    4. I pointed out that a simple system of one star like ours, one planet and one moon could support life and also the bulk of scientific discovery
    5. Joe claimed (here comes the money shot!) Quote
    For ONE, the earth/ moon system would fall into the Sun without any counter-balance- we need that external pull to help keep us in place.
    Obviously you don’t have much of a physics background. And obviously all you have are “why” questions that 5 year olds ask.

    6. We all peed ourselves laughing at him
    7. Oleg begins to teach Joe basic Physics
    8. Joe claims that there is no way this system could exist.
    9. I point out that he believes the actual universe which is far more complicated was created ex nihilo and these two position are irreconcilable.
    10. Oleg continues to teach Joe Physics
    11. Joe counters with Quote
    What happens when you stretch out a piece of fabric, say a bed sheet, and then put one heavy bowling ball on it and then try to get two much smaller marbles to stay a specified distance- relatively close- away from the bowling bowl?

    You need a way to keep the bowling bowl from making too big of a dent, which is difficult to do wrt ONE heavy object. If the fabric is too tight the bowling ball will go all over the place.

    12. Our pants will never dry out at this rate!
    13. Joe now claims that Oleg believes that the real universe only has one star, planet and moon. This was never suggested and is incredibly dishonest even by Joe's(!) standards.

  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger Rich Hughes said…

    Also, I wont be posting much here due to heavy moderation. Catch me at TSZ where polite debate is unmoderated. Bye!

  • At 2:33 PM, Blogger Joe G said…

    1- Yesd I was

    2- No one did such a thing- Richie is a liar

    3- That is false

    4- Your bald assertion is still unsupported

    5- Yup and no one can prove otherwise

    6- You always piss yourself

    7- oleg is a clueless fuck and a liar

    8- I stand by that claim

    9- Wrong as I do not believe such a thing and even if I did that odes not mean a simple system could be created.

    10- oleg is still a clueless liar

    11- I stand by that also

    12- You always piss yourself, nothing new

    13- Richie is a liar as I did not say that

    And Rich all you post are lies anyway so no one cares where you post.


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