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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paging Batman- Robin has Totally Lost It!

I don't know who this dumbass that goes by "Robin" is- it claims to be a scientist- yeah right- but it thinks that scientists would use a simple dictionary definition of words- I guess that is all words except "information"- as oppsed to a more complete definition tat may be offered by a Stanford Encyclopedia article.

Take a look for yourself.

For example the word "artifact". Most people associate that word with human activity. However we also know that other animals can and do intentionally make things to use. The dictionary definitions of "artifact" do not cover that, although they do not disallow such a thing.

However the Stanford Encyclopedia's article on "artifact" says that other animals can and do make artifacts.

"Robin", an alleged scientist, cannot grasp that simple point and thinks the dictionary definitions trump the Stanford article.

evoTARDs, too many evoTARDs...


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