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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coppedge vs JPL- Trial Over, Now it is up to the Judge

OK Coppedge vs JPL, the trial, is over. Now the judge has the case and the lawyers still get to file legal briefs.

From the exerpts of the trial it appears as I thought- the anti-IDists have no idea what ID is, but they are sure it is religion. If nothing else it was nice to see their ignorance exposed.

Also there seems to be another contradiction. Coppedge started working for JPL as a contractor. This allows both the employee and employer to see if it is a good fit- that the employee can do the job well and that the employer is a good to work for.

Coppedge passed that test and was hired as a full-time employee. Meaning if he was as bad as they now say that should have been caught in the YEARS he was a contractor and they never would have hired him in the first place.

But OK, now it is a "wait and see" game...


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