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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

More Horseshit and The Origin of Life

I give you horseshit and the origin of life:

OOL Discovery #1. All known life can be traced back to a single common ancestor which, compared to what most people think of as present-day life (i.e. plants and animals), was relatively simple – microscopic, single-celled, perhaps as complex as an average bacterium or perhaps somewhat less so.

Total unsupportable horseshit. There still isn't any evidence that a prokaryote can evolve into something other than a prokaryote, meaning the "trace" can't even get started.

OOL Discovery #2. The Last Common Ancestor itself was the product of evolution from an even simpler ancestor.

Question-begging fallacy.

OOL Discovery #3. DNA/RNA/protein-based life was preceded by something even simpler, an RNA world or at least an RNA-heavy world.

Of course your position requires that but there isn't any evidence for it so it could not be a "discovery".

OOL Discovery #4. The increasingly simple ancestors of modern life weren’t made out of just anything, they were made out of chemicals that just happen to be generated by plausible abiotic mechanisms found in early solar systems.

And more question-begging.

The moral of this story is evotards will just say anything but don't ask for evidence to support their claims.


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