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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ogre MKV is a Liar and a Twisted Freak

Ogre MKV is just another lying atheist. There was a time I thought he had something real to say. But since visiting its blog I see it is just another lying evotard spewing evotardgasms.

Ogre is another moron who thinks because Dembski, Behe, Meyers and Wells are religious that alone makes ID religious. However when pointed out the the majority of evotards are atheists so by Ogre's "logic" the theory of evolution is an atheistic theory the Ogre chokes, as do all evotards.

I feel real bad for Texas as it seems this moron has taken a test to become a certified teacher. IOW there is another reason to hope for a global cataclysm...

But anyway Ogre enjoy your blog where you get to spew your lies and nonsense and have people pat you on the back for it.


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