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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Richtard Hughes, Still a Clueless Dolt

Yup ole Richtard Hughes never stops with the tard. Here's a clue richtard- quote mining is also looking for a quote that you have no idea if it is accurate or not and then using it as if it is all you need.

That goes for the quote you mined you imp- you have no idea if it is accurate nor who even said it.

As for the math requiring sponataneous creation, that may be but spontaneous, in that scenario, does not mean sudden nor instantaneously.

As for stepwise creation, well until you show that is even feasible all you have is wishful thinking. Ya see we have evidence for the stepwise creation of many things which also occur spontaneously but not instantaneously. It is just that not one of them comes close to being a living organism.

IOW Richtard you are full of shit with your ignorant assertions. As for all the things I have been confronted with- I take it you are talking about all of your ilk's ignorant spewage and inability to produce positive evidence for your position.

Yeah I get confronted with that stuff quite a bit.


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