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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Oleg Tchernyshyov - Intellectual Coward and Crackpot- exposed again

olegt is back at it again, still talking out his ass, as usual.

I had said:

That is what a power set is- a set broken down.

olegt replied:

I suppose that's why it has to be kept together with a pair of extra braces.

Well English is his second language so perhaps he just didn't understand what I said.

Ya see olegt with set {x,y,z} it can be broken down to its subsets:

power set:

If S is the set {x, y, z}, then the subsets of S are:

{} (also denoted , the empty set)
{x, y}
{x, z}
{y, z}
{x, y, z}
and hence the power set of S is

P(S) = {{},{x},{y},{z},{x,y},{x,z},{y,z},{x,y,z}}

There you have it-the set {x,y,z} broken down into all of its possible subsets.

IOW olegt you are an intellectual coward and a crackpot...


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