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Monday, July 05, 2010

Oleg Tchernyshyov- How low can you go?


Oleg Tchernyshyov is turning out to be one hell of a low-life loser.

Trying to get him to support his claims is close to useless.

But that isn't even the worst of it.

When discussing nested hierarchies oleg was shown the following website with definitions of hierarchies, including nested hierarchies:

Summary of the Principles of Hierarchy Theory

Does oleg address any of the content?


oleg attacks the owners of the website- the organization ISSS.

Did you get that? He attacks the organization!

What a little pussy.

Does he ever provide a valid reference as to what nested hierarchies are and what rules must be followed in their construction? No.

Does he ever give any indication he knows something about nested hierarchies? No.

But he did expose his ignorance of nested hierarchies when he agreed with Zachriel that a nested hierarchy can be constructed without calling on characteristics to do so.

He never did provide a valid example. He did try to defend Zachriel's misuse of set theory.

IOW oleg will say anything and help anyone who disagrees with me.

Case in point- oleg links to UC Berkley Understanding Phylogenies which says that:

Clades are nested within one another—they form a nested hierarchy.

The site never defines nested hierarchy nor does it say why clades form a nested hierarchy.

But that doesn't matter because oleg thinks they disagree with me so that is good enough for him.

Pathetic- and this asshole is a professor at a US university.

So I found another website hosting the Summary of the Principles of Hierarchy Theory- the University of Wisconsin (Botany dept).

I asked oleg if the university was also full of crackpots.

He didn't respond. And he still has not demonstrated any knowledge of what a nested hierarcy is.

Yet he "knows" I am wrong and sez that I am unable to learn.

Working with frustrated magnets must have turned his brain into mush...


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