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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Intelligent Design and Directed Mutations

The ignorance of anti-ID evotards never ceases to amaze me.

Their ignorance is not only of evolution and what is being debated but they do not seem to understand Intelligent Design although they rail against it on a daily basis.

I tell them that neither Intelligent Design nor Creation are anti-evolution because both accept "evolution" as in the change in allele frequency over tme and how larry Moran defines it in What is Evolution?.

Both IDists and Creationists accept that mutations occur. However in our scenarios the bulk of them are directed, not random with respect to X.

Dr Spetner wrote a book about this- "Not By Chance" in which he discusses the role of "built-in mechanisms to environmental cues" as part of his "non-random evolutionary hypothesis".

The point being is that mutations are directed pretty much t a computer program directs an output, as spell-checker is so directed.

Yet one mention of this to the evotard minions and the evotardgasms reach epic proportions within seconds!

They would rather remain ignorant of their opponents, erecting and refuting strawman after strawman, as opposed to actually learning what their opposition claims.

Then when their ignorance is exposed they just ignore the people who exposed it.

Life is sweet for evotards...


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