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Friday, February 06, 2009

Save the World by becoming a Vegitarian!

The Feb 2009 issue of SciAm says that the source that produces the second-most amount of greenhouse gasses is the raising of livestock- beef, pork and chicken (beef being the biggest producer of those 3).

No. 1 producer is from our energy production and No. 3 is transportation.

So we bring back nuclear (or nucular) power. Add solar and wind power. Become a world of vegitarians, build hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell and electric powered cars.

Then that, in turn, should lower the No. 4 producer- fossil-fuel retrieval.

Those 4, according to SciAm, account for about 65% of greenhouse gas production.

The remaining 35% is produced by agriculture (about 12), residential (about 10), manufacturing (about 7), land use (aboit 4) and waste disposal and treatment (about 3)- all numbers were rounded up.


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