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Friday, April 05, 2019

Patrick Triscitta is an Ignorant Ass and a Cowardly LIAR

Patrick Triscitta is an ignorant ass and a cowardly LIAR. He is a pathetic excuse for a human. The ass spews:
ID isn’t science. This is a well established fact. ID is a belief system
LoL! ID is scientific and it has more science going for it than your position ever will. The only well established fact is that you are an ignorant asshole.

And as an ignorant asshole you should just shut up because you are also an embarrassment to human.

It is really too bad that he has to hide behind Peaceful Science and is too chickenshit to post his ignorant spewage over on Uncommon Descent. There is no way he will ever have the balls to come here.

Triscitta is nothing more than an evoTARD cheerleader. He needs the protection of Peaceful Science.


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