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Saturday, February 16, 2019

"Dr. Patrick Trischitta is STILL an Ignorant Punk

This guy is a clueless asshole. Now he spews:
Yes, because anonymous ID trolls like you use to term to discredit the man Charles Darwin. Evolution is the proper term. Use it.
But Intelligent Design is NOT anti-evolution, you ignorant ass.

Only morons think that people use the word "Darwinism" to discredit Darwin. How ignorant and paranoid do you have to be? And why just call it "evolution" when it is anything but?

"Dr." Patrick Trischitta is a scientifically illiterate troll who A) is totally ignorant of Intelligent Design and B) has no idea what evolutionary science is. I doubt he understands what science entails.

This fuckwit wouldn't know what evidence is if it is was right in front of him. He is totally clueless. It's as if he is proud to be a total dick. 

Earth to Trischitta- I could easily kick your ass in a debate on science- ID vs your "evolutionary science". Too bad you are too chicken-shit to ante up.


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