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Sunday, February 24, 2019

"Dr." Patrick Tricsitta is Still a Complete JackAss

The unable to think atheist now spews:
We are a fun loving group that thoroughly enjoys looking for ways to show that all creationism (YEC, OEC, TE, EC and ID) is not supported by science.
When you find ONE, with respect to ID, please let us know. Too bad you don't even know what science entails. And it's really too bad that you are willfully ignorant of what ID claims. But you never let your ignorance get in the way, do ya, Patty?

Go ahead, jackass, show us the science that demonstrates nature can not only produce codes but provide the means to carry them out in a biologically relevant manner. Or shut your dumbass and cowardly mouth.

Your position doesn't have any scientific support, you ignorant ass. Neither you nor anyone else knows how to test it claims. You can't even get replicating RNA's without engineering.

The truth is, Patty, there isn't a viable, scientific alternative to ID. If you think that I am wrong go ahead and try to produce testable hypotheses for non-telic processes producing the earth/ moon system and life.

Work on it. Because if you ever manage to get some Court to hear your "case" against me you will definitely have to ante up. Failure to do so will just prove that everything I write about you is true.


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